Nigeria tackles corruption allegations by offering to transfer £23m to David Cameron’s bank account

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David Cameron has received an email asking for his bank details from the King-President Lord Minister of Nigeria this morning in an attempt to defuse the row over allegations of corruption.

Prince-Baron Okule Goodluck wished the Prime Minister GOOD HEALTH and asked for his bank details and a scan of his passport in order to make a payment of £23m.

The offer also asked for a copy of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s signature and the PIN number for the Bank of England.

The money, which is part of an unclaimed inheritance, is intended to show goodwill and may be spent on ‘charity works and other goodness causes’.

“Dear Beloved Prim Monster Cimmaron,” a leaked copy of the mail read.

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“I hope that GOD finds you well and many blessings on our continued friendshipness.”

“I am asking you to STOP saying Nigeria is corrupt and in return I will send you the sum of TWENTY-THREE MILLION HUNDRED POUNDS.”

The Nigerian government confirmed the email was from them, and all that is needed is a small, one-off payment to help overcome certain administrative obstacles before the funds can be released.

A spokesman for Downing Street said the message would be dealt with appropriately, before heading round the back to the bins.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn thanked the Nigerians for their generous offer and said it should be accepted so the money can be spent on nurses and teachers.

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