Men urged to retire Jimmy Savile impressions

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Men in their 40s have been told that doing Jimmy Savile impressions on a first date comes across as creepy rather than funny.

While 57% of women surveyed said that being made to listen to a Savile voice used to be mildly amusing, 97% now find it upsetting and disturbing.

Joanne Tindall of Barnsley said: “Although it sounded quite like him, why did my date think that impersonating one of Britain’s most notorious paedophiles would impress me?

“I left to go to the toilet at one point but he did it again when I got back.”

Divorcee David Newsome said: “I’d spent years honing my Savile and feel it’s a shame to stop doing him just because we had it confirmed shortly after his death that he’d been touching women and children for over 50 years.

“I can do all his best lines, such as ‘Sho-waddy-waddy’. I’ve got him spot on, even though I’m basically just adding ‘you see’ at the end of every sentence.

“I’m a reasonable chap though so if women really don’t like it, I’ll do my Michael Caine.

“He hasn’t been locked up yet has he?”