Second skin breakthrough hated by woman with weird trick hated by dermatologists

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A woman who devised a weird trick that made you look younger and which left her despised by the dermatology industry has today been left furious by the development of an artificial second skin.

The new treatment was developed by a team from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and could see sales of Internet skin creams plummet, just a few years after they all put dermatologists out of business.

Lead researcher behind the second-skin project, Simon Williams told us, “People selling skin cream on the Internet hate us.

“They had this one weird trick that was universally hated by dermatologists, but now they hate us.

“It’s not that we tried to put them out of business, but now they really don’t want you to know about new second skin.

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“They do seem an awfully cross bunch, by and large.

Internet skin-cream retailed Sheila Matthews said, “How very dare they! There is only one $5 product out there that makes 51 year-olds look 25, and that’s my special cream, the exact ingredients of which are a secret, obviously.

“I wouldn’t believe a thing you read about claims made by so-called scientists from so-called universities, they’re all part of the same big pharma shill machine.

“When it comes to your skin, the only person you should trust is this one local mum on the Internet.”