Sadiq Khan ‘one of the not-so-bad Muslims’, confirms Trump

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Sadiq Khan is one of the more acceptable Muslims, Donald Trump has confirmed.

The soon-to-be-president says an exception to the ban on Muslims would be made for the new London Mayor, providing he agrees to a lengthy spell in quarantine.

Trump made the concession after sizing Khan up and deciding he is unlikely to cause massive loss of life on US soil.

The Republican nominee based his decision on the lengthy BBC sitcom Citizen Khan, which he mistook for a fact-based documentary.

Trump said, “This Khan seems like a regular guy, although his family is a little strange.

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“Based on the evidence I’ve seen, I can’t see him taking advantage of lax security to fly a plane into a tall building.

“Khan’s rise from unorthodox Community Leader to London Mayor epitomises the American dream.”

He added, “But I’m a bit I’m surprised they made a second series.”