Germany vetoed Cameron but would definitely give us the deal we want, insists IDS

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Iain Duncan Smith has claimed that Germany effectively vetoed David Cameron’s plans for an immigration ‘brake’, but would roll over and show it’s tummy when the time comes to negotiate a trade deal with an independent UK.

Duncan Smith told reporters that David Cameron chose to remove mention of an immigration brake because Germany would have vetoed it anyway, but that Germany will do precisely as it’s told when the time comes to negotiate a trade deal with the EU when we leave.

He said, “The Prime Minister had no choice but to do as Germany wanted, because they have the power and a veto within the EU.

“But when we leave they will give us precisely the sort of free trade deal that we want, just because.

“The veto they will still be able to use – to prevent any new deal with the independent UK – will remain firmly in their pocket because they want us more than we want them.

“I mean, yes, about 40% of our exports go to the EU, and only about 10% of the EU’s exports come here, but they are only numbers – they definitely still need us more than we need them. We are negotiating from a position of huge strength.

“So just remember this on polling day, we can not do what we want inside the EU because of the power of countries like Germany, but we’ll get the deal we want when we leave because Germany doesn’t have any real power inside the EU.”