Game of Thrones to tackle falling ratings by introducing Scrappy-Doo

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Faced with falling ratings and poor reviews of the new series, Games of Thrones producers hope to reinvigorate the series with a feisty talking puppy.

Drawing upon a little-known television secret of introducing an exciting and disruptive new character to shake up a narrative, showrunners are understood to be very positive about the new directions the character can take things.

The character will be introduced next week as the nephew of Direwolf Ghost visiting from down south, with writers promising a ‘hilarious’ misunderstanding with Brienne of Tarth to bring him into the orbit of main characters.

A script leaked to the internet shows Scrappy mistaking Brienne for a Lannister and punching her on the leg while shouting ‘Lemme at her, lemme at her!’.

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow in the series, issued a statement through his agent saying how delighted he was to be teamed up with Scrappy-Doo and that he was looking forward to developing this new character arc.

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Harington is not known for lying to fans.

Some fans are understood to be unhappy with the development, insisting that the show does not need Scrappy-Doo when it already has Arya Stark.

“We’re really hopeful fans will take Scrappy to their hearts”, said producer Simon Williams.

“Especially in episode eight when Ramsay Bolton slits his throat and eats his brain.

“Oops, damn, should have said spoiler alert there.”

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