Tuesday 10 May 2016 by Gary Stanton

EU favours the wealthy says man who spent entire political career favouring the wealthy

Iain Duncan Smith EU favours the wealthy

The EU is a force for social injustice says a man who has spent the last five years absolutely f*cking over the vulnerable and the disabled.

In a speech earlier, Iain Duncan Smith said the EU backs “the haves rather than the have-nots” while managing to keep a perfectly straight face.

The ex-work and pensions secretary said “uncontrolled migration” drove down wages to a level they were at under the last Conservative government.

But Labour’s Alan Johnson said the EU protected workers and stopped them being ‘fucked in the arse’ by people like Iain Duncan Smith.

However, Duncan Smith urged the public to think about people who haven’t done well out of the EU, excluding those who are no longer with us after committing suicide as a result of his benefit reforms.

He said, “Under EU law, I am strangling my children’s Latvian nanny with lots of red tape.

“Think what she’d look like without that tape around her pathetic twitching corpse.

“Poor Anya.”

Last night a majority of Britons said they were fine with open borders if it meant Iain Duncan Smith would sod off through one.

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