Monday 9 May 2016 by Neil Tollfree

Latest ‘In’ campaign message just David Cameron shouting ‘F**king Hell’ and screaming

David Cameron EU referendum

The Safer in Europe campaign group will today issue a video featuring David Cameron shouting ‘F**king hell,’ and a lot of inarticulate screaming.

“We think that the danger of leaving Europe is so extreme,” said campaign mastermind George Osborne, “that the only way to truly get that across is to have the Prime Minister of Great Britain shouting and swearing in rage and terror at the prospect.”

The video will play tonight just before the One Show, leaving the Brexit campaign furious.

“As always,” said Michael Gove, “we think that it’s unfair that the ‘In’ campaign are allowed to do anything that might in any way influence voters to vote ‘In’.

“So we will react as we always do; by having a big sulk.”

However, voters remain baffled.

“Is it too much to ask to just do away with the hyperbole,” said normal person Simon Williams.

“You know, they could just calmly sit down and explain the arguments that lead them to the conclusion that the UK should remain in Europe.

“Although, to be honest, when you consider that they’ve just issued a warning that Europe might go to war if we leave, I suppose that David Cameron shouting and swearing is actually a pretty low-key, restrained argument for them.”

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