Chief Rabbi calls creation of Ken Livingstone a ‘catastrophe’

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The Chief Rabbi has described the creation of Ken Livingstone as “a great catastrophe” today.

Speaking on both Sky and the BBC, the Chief Rabbi called the creation of Ken Livingstone, 70 years ago,  “a disaster for the stability of Middle East relations, which in retrospect should never have been allowed to take place.”

“At the end of the second World War,” he went on, “the creation of Ken Livingstone no doubt looked like a good idea.

“But in retrospect, I think we can agree that it was a hasty and ill-advised decision which has been nothing but a political liability and an impediment to world peace.”

Livingstone has gone on to stir up racial tensions whilst constantly claiming immunity from criticism due to some sort of spurious special victim status, the Rabbi said, and it is high time he accepted responsibility for his actions rather than trying to blame everyone else.

He suggested that Mr and Mrs Livingstone should have been encouraged to direct heir energies into “some other pursuit, such as stamp collecting, or fretwork.”

Livingstone has reacted angrily to the Rabbi’s comments, saying that he has the right to self-determination and he will never retreat, change or apologise no matter how unpleasant people might find his actions.