Prime Minister to attend PMQs in his pants if UK votes for Brexit

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David Cameron has vowed to appear at Prime Minister’s Questions wearing only his pants if Britain votes to leave the European Union in June.

The Prime Minister made the announcement after being questioned about Gary Lineker’s promise to present Match of the Day in his underwear if Leicester City won the league.

Early polling suggests that the prospect of watching Cameron rebuff Jeremy Corbyn at the despatch box in just his tighty whities is set to produce a significant boost for the Remain camp.

“I’m well up for seeing Lineker’s former professional sportsman’s well-toned body on MOTD,” said voter Lucy Philips.

“But we all remember those photographs of Cameron at the beach a couple of years ago, with his love-handles and his middle-aged spread.

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“Do I want to see him flaunting his spare tyre in the House of Commons? No thanks, I’m voting IN.

Brexit campaigners have been quick to react.

“The level of political discourse in this country has reached an all-time low,” claimed UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

“We should be discussing the serious issues like immigrants killing us in our sleep, not pulling silly stunts like this; and I’m happy to go on Newsnight bollock naked to say so.”

Betting has already started on what colour the Prime Minister’s pants will be if he has to keep his promise.

“Everyone is assuming I’ll wear blue pants,” says Mr Cameron.

“But PMQs can be incredibly nerve-racking so I’ll probably stick to brown to be on the safe side.”