Boris Johnson still stuck in revolving door after trying to leave City Hall

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Retiring Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has had an embarrassing last-minute mishap as he made his way out of City Hall for the final time today.

“It’s quite alarming,” admitted mayoral aide Simon Williams. “We can see Boris’s face pressed against the glass as he rotates slowly to face the street and then back into the building.

“He seems to be saying something like ‘Cripes, I say, could someone possibly -” but then his voice fades out as he rotates back out of view again, so it’s hard to tell exactly what he wants.

“We’ve watched it happen for the last three-quarters of an hour.

“Everyone wondered if they ought to do something but in the end, we decided not to bother as it’s a nice day outside. Someone went across the road to get Starbucks for everyone, and I had a fag.”

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City Hall staff hope to free Boris before the next incumbent takes office tomorrow, but admit it’s not a top priority.

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