Economy collapses again after Top Cat fails to pay his mortgage

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The economy is in tatters again this morning after banks made billions in unsecured loans to a homeless cartoon cat.

Top Cat, whose close friends get to call him ‘TC’, was given a Triple A credit rating by ratings agencies Fitch and Standard & Poor’s, despite him living in a dustbin.

Top Cat’s debt was then leveraged against a complex basket of derivatives, which went sour when he failed to pay, leaving the Bank of England on the hook yet again.

The banking sector has denied acting irresponsibly in its lending, insisting that they carried out all necessary due diligence.

Top Cat is understood to have described his net worth as ‘bajillions of spondulicks’ on the self-assessment form, which is a sunnier economic assessment than the entire Eurozone.

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“The cat wore a waistcoat!” said chief financial officer Dibble. “A waistcoat! And he almost cried when he thought we were going to say no. How could we have refused under those circumstances?

“I tell you – if you can’t trust a fast-talking cat in a straw boater with your money, then there’s something badly wrong with twenty-first-century finance, and we don’t have the first clue what.”

Despite being willing to lend to a homeless cartoon cat, banks have confirmed they’re still not extending credit to Greece.

“We might lend everything we’ve got to an imaginary cat, but Greece? Come on. We’re not entirely stupid.”

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