Donald Trump proves US is land of opportunity if you inherit a billion dollars

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With Donald Trump on the verge of securing the Republican presidential nomination, the United States has reinforced its reputation as the land of opportunity for people who inherit a billion dollars.

With Ted Cruz suspending his presidential campaign, the path is now clear for a man who was given the equivalent of a billion dollars by his father in the early 1970s.

Political analysts Chuck Williams, “There are places in the world where getting to the top of the tree can be hard, but in America, anyone who inherits a billion dollars can be President. Literally, anyone.

“It doesn’t matter how bright you are, what you say in public, how little political experience you have – if you’ve been fortunate to be born incredibly rich, the sky truly is the limit.

“You don’t even need to know the best words; you just need to tell people you know the best words. You can always buy any words you might need later.

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“That’s the thing about the voters in the Republican party; they really respect money. If you’ve got it, you must be a good person, if you’ve got a lot of it, you must be some sort of genius.

“In other countries you might be judged on the content of your character, but in the US, it’s the content of your wallet that counts.

“t’s actually quite refreshing when you stop caring that a sociopathic simpleton could find himself in the White House just because he was given a lot of money by his Dad.

“Go Trump!”