Man who once saw gig at De Montfort Hall celebrating Leicester league win

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A man who saw Suede at De Montfort Hall in the 1990’s is today loudly celebrating Leicester City’s premier league triumph.

Simon Williams, 42, saw Suede in January 1995 at the Leicester venue and claims to have had a strong affiliation for the city ever since.

He told those on his commute, “I’ve always felt part of me belonged to Leicester, ever since that fateful evening in January ’95.

“When Brett was singing Animal Nitrate I couldn’t help but feel like he was telling me something – now I know what it was; that Jamie Vardy would help deliver Leicester’s first title. It seems so obvious now.

“I remember thinking as I left the gig that night, ‘this city wants me as its own’, and I was happy to let that happen. Especially now that’s it’s paying off big time.

“No, I don’t have a Leicester City top. I mean, technically, yes, if you ask any of my mates they’ll no doubt tell you I’m a Blackburn fan and have been since I took an interest in football while at University, but my heart has belonged to Leicester since 1995, definitely.”

Williams revealed that despite being British, he has a strong affiliation with the United States that he expects to come out during this year’s Olympic Games.