John Terry surfaces in full Leicester kit at Jamie Vardy’s party

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It has emerged that John Terry arrived late on Monday night at Jamie Vardy’s house in full Leicester kit to join the Leicester party.

Shortly after the Chelsea vs Tottenham game finished in the draw that saw Leicester’s historic Premiership triumph, John Terry was seen sprinting towards Chelsea’s disabled car park where he was parked.

He was frantically pulling a Leicester shirt over his head as he ran.

“Yes, naturally John went to join the party,” said a friend of the Chelsea captain.

“In many ways, John letting Tottenham score only two goals is the real story of the Premiership. It was his tremendous defending that lead directly to Leicester becoming champions.

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“He is definitely the true hero of the story.”

An hour or so later, Terry was seen speeding up the A1 in full Leicester kit, frantically decanting some Asda value vodka into a Grey Goose bottle.

He arrived at around 11.30, ready to take up his rightful place in the midst of the celebrations that without him almost certainly wouldn’t have been taking place.

However, sadly he must have been two late as within ten minutes of his arrival all the Leicester players were seen leaving the party muttering about how it was late and they needed to get off but it was definitely brilliant that John Terry had turned up.

The John Terry and Leicester parade on an open top bus through the town is expected to take place at the end of May.