Friend still asking if you’ve read her blog yet

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One of your friends is keen for you to read something that couldn’t possibly be of interest to anyone.

Helen Wright, 32, started writing her blog, tediously entitled “The Wright Way”, six months ago and you vowed never to read it again after the first entry.

“You should read my latest one,” said Wright, “it’s all about my thoughts regarding not only my kids, but my views on life in general and how we should appreciate the little things.

“I mean I’d always support you in whatever you’re doing so it would be great if you could put aside an hour of your ever-dwindling existence to read my ill-informed opinions on global capitalism.

“It’s only seven pages long and I even put a joke in toward the end!”

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Another friend, Simon Williams, said, “don’t even think about it.”

“Spelling mistakes and typos aside – although they exist in their thousands – it almost eclipses Fifty Shades of Grey on the scale of mind-numbing tedium.

“There’s a particularly arresting section where she suggests we should abandon the concept of money. And then there’s a picture of a minion for no reason.

“That was the best bit.”