Donald Trump in casual rape reference shocker

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Highly privileged male cum haunted tree, Donald Trump, has shocked everyone by casually dropping the concept of rape into a debate.

Trump asserts that China is “raping” the USA by manipulating Chinese currency to make its exports more competitive, which isn’t actually what “rape” means.

“Oh, joy,” sighed weary feminist, Elizabeth King.

“I’m looking forward to the reasoning behind this one. Maybe he meant that America was walking home alone at night and didn’t take the proper precautions, which I’m constantly told is why rape happens.”

Trump spokesperson, Chuck Williams, said, “Mr Trump misspoke, in accordance with his default setting.

“He, of course, does not regret what he said as that is a primarily human emotion, but the rest of us at campaign HQ are really sorry if any of you oversensitive bores were offended.”

China has responded by insisting America was wearing a short skirt and therefore gagging for it.