Nazi Hitler fan Ken Livingston cheered when Prince died, confirm opponents

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Hitler fan, Ken Livingstone, cheered uncontrollably on learning ethnic rock star Prince had died and regarded him as a waste of ‘lebensraum’.

According to reports in the always reliable British press, Livingstone, who was relaxing at home wrapped in a swastika, whooped several times then kissed a massive portrait of The Führer.

The former Labour Party member then turned to his proud Aryan wife and said, “the only thing that could make this moment more perfect is if Nick Griffin would be here”.

Livingstone then proceeded to do a high five with the air standing next to him, as if it were the chubby, former BNP leader, before wiping his arse on the Israeli flag.

The former Mayor of London blames Prince for corrupting white English youth with his funky bass-lines and slick, negro-inspired rhythms.

Livingstone also quipped that the pint-sized star wouldn’t have taken up much fuel in a mass crematorium “like the really good one they used at Auschwitz”.

To make matters worse, the one-time leftist laughed like a far-right hyena when genetic anomaly, Ronnie Corbett, died, but refuses to laugh at jokes by Woody Allen or David Baddiel.

Livingstone insists a radical programme of eugenics in the 1960s would have prevented Prince, Corbett and David Bowie, who had one brown eye, from ever achieving prime-time status.

Political expert, Simon Williams, said, “Livingstone almost certainly regards Michael Macintyre as decent, wholesome family entertainment, but is secretly worried he might be Chinese.”