Posh woman has photo taken

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Multi-talented duchess Kate Middleton has successfully stood in front of a camera and had her photograph taken.

The photographs, which will appear on the front of something, show the duchess reacting to things while effortlessly wearing clothes.

Having already displayed numerous attributes considered essential for modern monarching, such as waving in the direction of people, it had been feared that Kate might suffer burnout.

These fears have been successfully allayed by the photographs, leading one commentator to remark that she looked like someone who’d been “wearing clothes all her life”.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said that “there’s more to come” from the Duchess.

The told us, “We’ve always been impressed with her ability to read words out loud, and engage effortlessly with over-excited adults.

“Even republicans have been forced to admit that she is definitely more than just a moderately attractive woman who got lucky.”