Labour anti-Semitism crisis escalates as Jeremy Corbyn admits to sharing Hitler’s vegetarian beliefs

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The Labour Party has been plunged into further crisis after Jeremy Corbyn admitted to sharing the same vegetarian beliefs as Adolf Hitler.

The shock revelations come after the party suspended MP Naz Shah and ex-London mayor Ken Livingstone, who has expressed sympathy with Hitler’s love of dogs on numerous occasions.

An unnamed and definitely real senior source told us: “I’d often go to Jeremy’s house to discuss some important politics stuff, and he’d cook while we talked.

“He wouldn’t try and hide his vegetarianism, and openly cooked dishes like: Egg Fried Reich, Vegetable Swastika Masala, Potato Waffens.

“Once he even invited me round to try some Veggie Nuremburgers that he’d cooked up on his Klaus Barbecue.”

Furious Labour MPs have immediately called on Mr Corbyn to stand down as party leader and be replaced by someone who doesn’t have the overwhelming support of the party’s membership.

“He’s got to go,” blasted one Labour MP who chased us for several miles in order to give his opinion.

“It’s only a matter of time before he tries to create a Vegetarian Race.”

Renowned anti-racist campaigner and leader of the United Kindness Inclusive Party Nigel Farage, said: “I’m shocked, appalled and angry to discover that Jeremy Corbyn shares Hitler’s despicable vegetarian agenda. Every day we learning something new and horrific about these people.

“Wherever there is racism in other parties we must magnify it.”

His views were echoed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“We must find a way to tackle racism in other parties,” he said.

“We must find a final solution.”