Newcastle summer to happen on a Saturday this year, confirms Met office

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Geordies are celebrating the news that their summer is likely to fall on a weekend this year.

Newcastle, which has almost 36 hours of summer every year, often suffers due to the clouds parting during the week when everyone is at work.

However, the Met Office has delighted local residents by predicting that summer may well happen between Friday and Monday for the first time since 1993.

Locals often celebrate summer by taking their vest off.

“This is reet canny news, like,” said local stereotype Simon Williams.

“We’re aal currently buried under eighteen inches of snow in April, pet, and it’s nice to have summat to look forward to.

“With any luck I’ll be able to use the ootside netty in the yard for a couple of days without my balls freezing off.

Grim and miserable winter is expected to recommence at 8am on the Monday, when the sun will vanish behind low-hanging puffy clouds and not be seen again until 2017.

“Hang on, pet. Divvent call anything roond here puffy, understand?” Williams added.