I dream of the day when a Jew can lead Labour party, says equality campaigner

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The Labour party is so inherently anti-semitic that the thought of a Jewish leader is nothing but a pipe dream, according to critics today.

With both Labour MP Naz Shah and former Labour Mayor of London Ken Livingstone now accused of anti-semitic remarks, equality campaigners have claimed that the party “institutionally anti-semitic”, ensuring that a Jewish politician could never lead the organisation.

Equality campaigner Simon Williams told us, “Look at Tony Blair, a Catholic, then Gordon Brown, quiet about it but actually Church of Scotland, then some other fella for a bit, and now Jeremy Corbyn who says religion is a private thing, which probably just means he hates the Jews.”

“Did you notice, not a single Jew amongst them. They have to be stopped.”

When asked to comment, Ed Miliband told us, “This is about the bloody bacon sandwich again, isn’t it?”

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