Ed Balls desperately reminding everyone that it’s ‘Ed Balls Day’

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Ed Balls is going up to people in the street and wishing them a happy Ed Balls day, we can confirm.

Balls tweeted his own name by accident in 2011 and the five minutes of attention it generated in him gave him a thirst for publicity, which he has never lost.

The former minister, who has managed Norwich City as well as he did the country and left both in the relegation zone whilst blaming other people, has been gamely ‘playing along’ with the ‘joke’ ever since.

Shopper Simone Williams told us of her encounter.

“I was just coming out of Matalan when this man with a peculiarly shaped chin came up to me with a really odd smile and said ‘Happy Ed Balls day!’, which was a bit weird.

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“And then he just gurned at me for a few moments like I was supposed to say something before saying ‘It’s Ed Balls day!’ again.

“Look, I gave him a pound to get into a hostel for the night, okay? That’s what they all say they want it for anyway.”

When asked, Balls gave a practised chortle and insisted the whole thing was just a bit of fun.

“Of course I, Ed Balls, don’t take this seriously,” he told us whilst putting down his “It’s Ed balls day!” placard fort a moment.

“Ed Balls,” he added.

“Ed Balls! Anyone? Hello?”