Cats also hate being hugged, confirms heavily lacerated man

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Following the discovery that dogs can’t stand being hugged, a man speaking from an intensive care unit has confirmed that the same is true for cats.

Simon Williams had owned Mr Shnuggums for 3 years before attempting to cuddle him.

Doctors are still hopeful that he’ll regain the sight in his right eye.

“When you hug a dog, it looks sad and its ears can droop,” said animal behaviourist Sophie Butler.

“These are a dog’s way of telling you that it feels threatened, or uncomfortable.

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“Whereas with a cat, the clue is that you’ve woken up in hospital after an emergency blood transfusion.

“Although it might not have been a ‘hug’ that the cat objected to,” confirmed Butler.

“Perhaps your lap was very slightly the wrong temperature, the food wasn’t moist enough, or maybe there was a moth?”