English man who watched ten-minute Poker tutorial on YouTube now an ‘expert’

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Swindon resident Simon Williams has declared himself ready to win big at online poker after watching a ten-minute instructional video online.

With a large rise in people playing poker online, Williams felt it was time to become an expert and make some money playing against ‘idiots on the Internet’.

Williams told us, “It’s pretty easy really, it’s just about getting the best hand you can, and sometimes pretending you have a good hand when really you don’t.

“It’s literally that simple. I mean, I am genuinely amazed that people write books and stuff about how to play this game. Ten minutes is all it took for me to become really good at it.”

Man claims to be overnight poker expert

Many Brits are lining up to play poker online, and Williams is expecting to be at the top of the earnings list, despite not yet playing for any actual money himself.

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“Look, I’m an accountant, so I know numbers, and I know all the cards and all the hands, including which hand beats which hand – what more could I possibly need to make a killing?”

When told that a new computer programme at the University of Alberta had become ‘unbeatable’ at Texas Hold’em, Williams explained that the computer had not yet played him.

He explained, “Well, it must be a really basic computer, because I’ve yet to be beaten and I only learned the rules last night.

“Sit me down and I’ll go ‘all in’ against it. That means I’ll bet everything I have by the way, it’s just how we poker pros speak.”

At the time of writing, the number of online poker players desperate to play Williams at one of the higher stakes tables had reached five figures, though Williams himself was predicting he would pay off his mortgage by the end of the month.