The Sun still wondering if there will be anything newsworthy to report tomorrow

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Reporters at The Sun newspaper have been left wondering what they will put on their front page tomorrow after nothing of any consequence happened today.

With frantic editorial meetings taking place throughout their offices, the possibility of a blank front page still looms large.

‘Journalist’ Simon Williams told us, “It’s a bit stressful here at the moment, as you can imagine., there’s an idea about finding some people who died today so we can blame the striking doctors, but apart from that, we’re drawing a blank.

“As a newspaper we like it when newsworthy things happen, so we can tell everyone about it in our own unique way, but today there has been absolutely nothing happen that would be of any interest to our readers.

“Nothing whatsoever. Nadda.

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“You don’t happen to know about any celebrities with drug problems do you? What about a soap star using prostitutes? Listened to any juicy voicemails recently? No?

“I guess we’ll just do something on immigrants then, they’re always good for a few pages.”