Man in Manchester City shirt somehow arguing against foreign workers

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A supporter of a Premier League football club is failing to see the irony in his suggestion that foreign workers are ruining the country.

Simon Williams is a firm believer that British jobs should be given to British workers, and also supports a British football team whose only British employees are the groundskeepers and maybe the bloke running the burger stand.

“It’s just really simple, British jobs for British people,” he told us.

“I mean, not in football, obviously. In football, you need the best people for the job, regardless of where they’re from.

“But that kind of thinking simply can’t be applied to a factory or building job; they need to be given to the British, regardless of ability.

“They just DO, alright? Now fuck off.”

Williams’ long-suffering wife said, “Don’t waste your breath, I’ve been back and forth with him on this a few times.

“He basically just gets annoyed, then goes to his ‘man cave’ to watch Sergio Aguero score City’s league-winning goal on loop.”