Kelvin MacKenzie now OFFICIALLY a massive c*nt

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A jury has returned a verdict of unlawful killing regarding the Hillsborough disaster, thereby officially rendering Kelvin MacKenzie an enormous cunt.

The “journalist” is most famous for his assertion that fans at the Hillsborough stadium were picking pockets, starting fights and urinating on policemen, which should tell you all you need to know about his career as a “journalist”.

“I’ve always said he was a cunt,” beamed Liverpool fan, Simon Williams, “and now I can say it with a hitherto unwarranted sense of authority.

“In the past, I was going off the back of his writing and his personality in general. But now we have a court verdict to back the whole thing up.

“What a massive, thundering little cunt he truly is.”

It is thought that MacKenzie’s tenure at The Sun newspaper will continue uninterrupted, bearing in mind said Newspaper hasn’t been seen in Liverpool outside of an outdoor toilet for nearly 30 years.