Junior doctors’ strike risks patient safety, says man imposing contract that risks patient safety

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Jeremy Hunt has today told junior doctors that patient safety is his number one concern, which is why he’s imposing a junior doctors contract that is guaranteed to risk it.

With junior doctors today staging a mass walkout against the terms of the new contract being imposed upon them, Hunt has said the government will not be ‘blackmailed’ over the issue.

Hospital patient Simon Williams said, “I don’t think he knows what blackmail is, blackmail would be ‘do what we want or we’ll show the voters all this evidence of you being a complete arsehole’ – but literally everyone has already seen the evidence; it’s in the news every single day.

“I think he’s talking about extortion. The man should buy a dictionary, or better yet, make it a medical one and give himself the vaguest ideas what these doctors actually do.”

The Health Secretary told reporters, “The strike has to be defeated; we must crush the enemy – and no, I don’t see a problem in viewing people who save lives as the ‘enemy’.

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“We have a mandate from the voters to implement a seven-day NHS, which I have chosen to interpret as a mandate to enforce a contract that could endanger patients,”

However, Williams went on, “I don’t remember voting to reduce patient safety in hospitals?

“This is like voting for more free childcare and then finding out they’re going to achieve it by letting your kids play in the local quarry.”