Gay people in North Carolina to wear pink stars, be subject to curfew, relinquish property

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New legislation in North Carolina will require gay people to identify themselves at all times by wearing a pink star, or ‘star of Dorothy’ on their outermost garment at all times.

They will also be subject to a strict curfew, be made to relinquish property such as radios and televisions, and be banned from using public transport.

North Carolina officials would not deny that there were plans to seize gay people’s residences and forcibly move all gay people into designated neighbourhoods in larger towns.

“We have no immediate plans to seize the residence of the gays,” said North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory.

“But, obviously we must seek to protect our families and children from the gays and if it comes to this then I won’t rule it out.”

There was tension amongst the North Carolina gay community.

“Well, it’s not easy,” said a lesbian who wanted to remain nameless for her own safety.

“We’ve a black market, but it’s still hard to get essentials; overalls, Mellisa Etheridge CDs, and kittens.

“But, really, we’re all just pretty scared by what’s going on.”

She held out no hope of help from Washington.

“They didn’t help when McCrory signed House Bill 2, I don’t see them helping now.”