Shakin’ Stevens still alive

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There was widespread relief today at the news that Shakin’ Stevens is still alive.

Mr Stevens, or Shakin’ to his friends, is best known for his 80s hits like Oh Julie, You Drive Me Crazy and This Ole House.

Concerns for Mr Stevens well-being were raised by unemployed banjo-smasher, Simon Williams.

“Yeah, because right, I remember Shakey from the eighties,” he said.

“And I thought – hang on, the eighties? That’s when Prince, Victoria Wood and that PG Tips monkey were from and they’re all dead and that.”

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Quick as a flash, Mr Stevens leapt into action.

“Yeah, I googled him on my phone and found his website which showed that Shakey was at the top of his game and doing concerts in a small town in Poland.”

News of Shakin’ Steven’s continued presence in the mortal realm has seen celebrations the length breadth and breadth of Simon Williams’ bedsit.

Williams went on, “Yeah, it’s really good news, so to celebrate I drank eight cans of strong lager and watched that clip of him giving Richard Madley a slap on the news over and over again.”

At the time of writing, Limahl, Doctor and the Medics and Eddy Grant are also, all still alive.