BBC to introduce regular dead celebrity round up

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BBC news bulletins are to introduce a dedicated dead celebrity round-up.

“We will give a rundown of the main news,” said BBC News chief James Harding.

“Then we’ll present news from the markets, then a round-up of celebrities that have died in the last 24 hours and then the weather.”

The sheer number of celebrities dying over the last couple of months has led to news bulletins becoming confusing disjointed affairs with political stories leading into stories about a much-loved actor dying young.

“The current format is perfect for everyone who wants a view of all news, but there are some people who just want to check in once a day to see if the Glastonbury line-up has changed.

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“They’ll be able to put on the news at 10.25, and go – ‘right, Vernon Kaye, Kofi Annan, and the little dog from Frasier; the Pyramid Stage is still fine.”

The reaction seemed positive.

“Yeah, that’s decent,” said viewer Simon Williams.

“It can be a bit weird, last night I was watching a report about the state of mental health and popped out for a pee only to return and find a clip of Prince doing ‘Let’s go Crazy,’ which was weird.”

The dead celebrity round-up will start this evening with a biography of the PG Tips monkey who sadly passed away overnight.