America stronger and more influential in British Empire, Obama told

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America is stronger and more influential in the British Empire and should remain, Barack Obama has been told.

American citizens have been presented with the opportunity to leave and are understood to be concerned over issues including sovereignty, taxation and economic migration.

However, Prince Philip delivered a blunt rebuke to the visiting dignitary in a speech today, saying that the American people would be at ‘the back of the queue’ in future dealings with Her Majesty if they chose to leave.

Obama recently attempted to negotiate the repatriation of powers including tax-raising authority on tea, and his failure has been interpreted as showing how weak his country actually is within the organisation.

Leaving the Empire would be seen as a retreat from engagement with the rest of the world, and only encourage hostile forces.

“America would be weakened and easy prey to external aggressors,” Obama was told.

“And it is a certainty that millions of Americans would lose their jobs because nobody would trade with them.”

Obama hit back at the speech, describing it as ‘project fear’, and insisted the America could thrive outside of Imperial control, but his response was dismissed as the deluded ramblings of an obsessive.

“Without being part of a supranational power bloc, America would be finished as a power on the world stage,” he was told.