Barack Obama criticised by part-moron

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Barack Obama’s views on the EU referendum have been criticised by a part-moron, according to reports this morning.

After the US President had said that the UK would be better off inside the EU, part-moron Boris Johnson stated that his opinions should apparently be ignored.

Johnson told reporters, “Barack Obama is from a country that agreed to change some of its laws so it could join NAFTA, so there is no way it would agree to change some of its laws to join a trade agreement.

“Apart from when it did, which is something it clearly wouldn’t do.”

The news has left many voters confused, over whether to trust the leader of the free world or a man who gets stuck on zip lines and rugby tackles children for photo opportunities.

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Voter, Simon Williams is not torn, telling us, “Look, Boris is part moron, everyone knows that, and the bit that isn’t moron, is buffoon, so should we really take his opinion seriously?

“It might be a bit unfair to call him half-moron, as he was simply born that way, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t question the often ridiculous things that come out of his mouth.

“Honestly, the only time I’d vote for Boris is if he was in the Australian jungle about to be forced to eat raw kangaroo anus.”