Thursday 21 April 2016 by Neil Tollfree

Everyone ‘relaxed’ about Anders Breivik’s human rights being violated

Not bothered by Anders Breivik human right's violation

Everyone in the world has issued a collective statement saying that they are frankly not that arsed about violations to Anders Breivik’s human rights.

The mass-murderer and recipient of 2011 ‘World’s biggest c**t’ award has won a court case regarding his ‘inhuman’ treatment which resulted in everyone in the world giving a collective shrug while muttering ‘bothered.’

“Look, I agree that baseline of fundamental rights for all human beings regardless of state or status is a testament to our strength as a society and species,” said unemployed dung shoveller Simon Williams.

“I’m just saying that perhaps we should deal with other people’s human rights before Breivik’s.

“What about all them Syrian children? They’re having a shocking time of it. Let’s address their rights to safety and shelter first.

“Then you’ve got those poor women from Nigeria; that’s a pretty serious human rights violation they’re currently experiencing.

“See? I don’t think anyone’s saying Brevik’s human rights aren’t a thing, just that they’re a thing that we should be in no particular hurry to address.

“Just move him down the list a bit is all.”

It is understood that Breivik’s jailers were able to stifle any and all giggles as they promised to treat Breivik better.

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