Thursday 21 April 2016 by Tommy Charles

Best way to honour Lee Rigby is to piss off his family, claim Britain First

Britain First using Lee Rigby again

Britain First insist the best way to honour the memory of murdered soldier Lee Rigby is to seriously piss off his family by ignoring their repeated pleas to stop using his name in their propaganda.

In their latest video, the Christian group’s London mayoral candidate Paul Golding visits the site of Rigby’s murder to ask why there isn’t a memorial for him, despite there being a permanent one in the local Christian chapel.

The Rigby family have since issued yet another statement explaining that Britain First’s views go against those held by Lee himself and again asked them to stop using his murder for political gain, but that has clearly not deterred the far-right party.

“I think it’s clear what Lee would have really wanted,” Britain First activist Dave Davison explained.

“And that is for us to repeatedly anger his family by ignoring their wishes and dredging up horrific memories with incendiary propaganda featuring Lee as a poster boy to promote our hateful agenda.

“People are quick to point out that Lee would not have associated himself with us in a million years, but I’m sure he’d be bloody proud of the job we’ve done upsetting his mum.

“It is a fitting tribute and I can think of no better way to honour him.”

If elected, Golding also plans to shut down the entire London Underground network between 8am and 10am every day to honour the victims of the July 7th bombings.

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