Nobody taking Bernie Ecclestone seriously

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No sane man or woman is taking Bernie Eccleston’s latest comments seriously.

The shrivelled vulture piped up to suggest that women couldn’t physically cope with Formula One racing and therefore wouldn’t be taking seriously, in the same speech where he suggested Vladimir Putin should run the world and that Rocky V was definitely the best Rocky film.

“It’s just pushing pedals and turning a wheel,” confirmed female racing driver, Eleanor Shaw.

“I hate to puncture the sense of importance Bernie’s placed on his own sport but that’s literally what it boils down to; if we can go into space and cope with that, then we can cope with nipping around a race track for an hour or two.

“Seriously, a chimp could do it, with a little practice.”

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Racing fan Simon Williams agreed, saying “I’m usually on board with all kinds of misogyny, but this is just a little bit silly.

“Anyone who suggests women do not have the aggression necessary to win a Formula One race has obviously never been to the Boxing Day sales.”