Leading Brexit campaigners out celebrating Hitler’s birthday

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The Brexit Campaign phone lines have fallen curiously quiet on a very special day of the year.

As the 20th of April dawned, leading Brexiteers marked the Fuehrer’s birthday by either calling in sick or making excuses like ‘I’m dying my hair blonde’.

Other Brexiteers plan to mark the day with Hitler-themed activities such as not eating any meat or arguing ferociously with a Jewish art gallery owner.

At the Brexit Campaign HQ, the few people who did bother to turn up for work were startled by the sound of a drawing pin rolling off a table and hitting the laminate.

Meanwhile, those who received an unsolicited copy of the official Brexit Campaign calendar were puzzled by the fact that today’s date is marked by a large red ring despite it not being an official public holiday.

Brexit supporter, Simon Williams, said, “You know what day it is!

“If Hitler were alive today he would utterly reject the idea of a European superstate that fails to respect national borders,” he fumed.

“Although Hitler was teetotal, I’ll probably spend the day alone getting pissed in a Bierkeller.

“Would you like to see my paintings?”