David Cameron criticised for sharing platform with ‘Terrorist Sympathiser’

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David Cameron has been roundly criticised for repeatedly sharing a platform with ‘terrorist sympathiser’, Jeremy Corbyn.

In another sensational revelation, it has come to light that Mr Cameron holds a weekly debate with a man who he himself described as a threat to our national security, a debate in which he allows the extremist to interrogate him on his policies and actions.

In an unprecedented move clearly designed to defuse the situation, the PM today admitted: “Anyone can make a mistake about who they appear on a platform with, but if you do it time after time after time it is right to question your judgement.”

This admission is unlikely to get him off the hook with his critics, though, as it has emerged that the pair have been present in debates together as far back as 2001 when Cameron was first elected as an MP.

On an almost weekly basis, the pair have taken part in discussions together in the House of Commons, in what will surely be seen as an affront to such an honourable Great British institution.

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Mr Corbyn was unavailable for comment amid media speculation that he is away running an ISIS training camp.

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