Ryan Reynolds favourite for Australian apology film ‘reboot’

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Ryan Reynolds has been installed as the bookies favourite to star in a Hollywood reboot of the disappointing Johnny Depp vehicle ‘Australian apology video’.

Critics have panned the film, saying Depp lacked the emotional depth required to bring the story to life.

However, with the appointment of JJ Abrams as director, Reynolds is expected to take the lead role of a man forced to say sorry because his wife hid a couple of dogs on a private jet that landed in Australia.

Movie critic Simon Williams told us, “I think the original really failed to do the best job, given the strength of the source material.

“We’ve got conflict, redemption, and the threatened murder of a beloved pet – and yet not a single tear. I just didn’t find Depp’s performance believable.

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“I think Abrams will bring his unique vision to the project, and we can expect some amazing set-piece spectacles, and a couple of dozen lens flares, obviously.

“I hope to see a little more of the origin story and find out how our power couple found themselves in this situation. Why does Australia hate them? Was Australia bitten by an actor as a child? We need to now.

“Plus Reynolds himself can bring a more light-hearted approach to a film that was distinctly lacking in humour. I didn’t laugh once in the original, despite it essentially being a farce.

The film is scheduled for release at Christmas 2017.