Drone pilot furious after ‘uninsured’ passenger jet crashes into him

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A London-based drone enthusiast is to sue Heathrow airport for flying a passenger jet right through his toy.

Simon Williams, 35, said the drone was his pride and joy, and the best eight-hundred pounds he’d ever spent, until a British Airways Airbus A320 flew directly through it, reducing it to worthless garbage.

He told us, “I was just flying my drone like I always do, not filming anything I shouldn’t or looking in bedroom windows or anything, just normal drone stuff, you know.

“Then all of a sudden this airliner arrives out of nowhere and flies right into me.  No indication, it didn’t try to avoid me and I’m pretty sure it was going way too fast.

“It didn’t even stop afterwards to swap insurance details. It’s pilots like that the give the rest of us sky users a bad reputation.”

Williams explained he’s sought compensation from British Airways, but they refused to accept the blame or name the pilot.

He went on, “They said that as a large organisation, their planes are used by lots of pilots, so they can’t be 100% sure who was flying at the time.

“They don’t seem to care that I’m going to lose my no claims discount. The bastards.”

However aviation consultant Jacob Matthews told us, “The only people who fly drones in public areas are voyeuristic nutjobs.

“Remember that weird kid at school who built his own remote control car and made the noises himself whilst he drove it? This is just him, but with better technology.”