Britain leaving EU could be an extinction level event, say ‘In’ campaign group

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Claims by ‘Britain stronger in Europe’ that Britain leaving the EU could result in the extinction of the human race have been dismissed by ‘Vote Leave’ as hyperbolic.

“To call these claims hyperbolic are the worst thing anyone has ever done,” said Prime Minister and leader of the ‘In’ campaign David Cameron.

“Leaving the EU is the equivalent of what happens in the film Armageddon, or to a lesser extent Deep Impact.”

Both Armageddon and Deep Impact featured meteorites on course to hit the planet earth and wipe out all of humanity.

“If those films had been made today then the threat of the meteor would be replaced with the threat of Britain leaving the EU, and instead of Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, it would be me and George.”

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The Prime Minister went on to compare Britain leaving the EU to previous extinction level events.

“We have seen two extinction level events before; the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs, and the destruction of the planet Alderaan by the Empire.

“Don’t let the EU referendum trigger a third such event.”

‘Britain stronger in Europe’ have pledged to issue at least one dire, apocalyptic warning every week until the referendum in June.

Next week is expected to be that leaving the EU will bring about a plague of locusts.