Thousands of anti-austerity protesters ignored as Royals sit on a bench

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150,000 protesters calling for an end to the government’s austerity measures have been overlooked by the media in favour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sitting on a bench.

The royal couple, who routinely fail to do anything of any significance, relevance or interest, smiled and said some words out of their mouths.

The bench that Prince William and the other one sat on has also been sat on by a royal woman in the nineties.

Meanwhile, 150,000 protesters who gathered to express their anger at cuts to public services received fewer column inches than a man who is in charge of press regulation dating a dominatrix.

One protester who’d had a bath and is in full-time employment, said: “I can’t sit by while this government destroys our public services and attacks the most vulnerable people in society.”

“We have to make a stand,” said another protester who, unlike Prince William, wasn’t wearing chinos and a blue blazer while the other one shone in a dress designed by Naeem Khan.

Fears that further protests will go unnoticed increased after reports surfaced of a former soap actor shitting into a traffic cone.