‘Naga Munchetty gave me a Chinese Burn’ BBC Breakfast’s culture of bullying laid bare

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BBC Breakfast is revealed as a hotbed of bullying, with Chinese Burns, Dead legs and even bog washes a daily occurrence.

“I remember being really excited about moving onto BBC Breakfast,” said a runner who wanted to remain anonymous.

“On my first day, I was making myself a tea and noticed Naga Munchetty standing next to me, I was a little intimidated as she was the star, but she seemed so nice so I thought I’d say hello.

“She looked really fearsome and said ’what did you say to me, you div?’ I was so shocked I tried to stammer a reply but then she just flobbed in my coffee, gave me a Chinese Burn and stole my dinner money.”

Munchetty then demanded daily ‘menaces money’ or there would be retribution.

“She said that if I didn’t give her 50p every day then she’d get Charlie Stayt and Mike Bushell to duff me up and stick my head down the bog.

“It was an awful place. You couldn’t go in the staff room because Steph McGovern and Louise Minchin were always in there smoking and talking about boys and if you got on the wrong side of Dan Walker then he’d give you a dead arm right on your BCG.”

Our contact eventually moved on, but is still haunted by her time at Breakfast.

“I still get nightmares about Sally Nugent giving me a turbo mega-wedgie.

“It was awful.”