Duke of Cambridge scratches name into Taj Mahal marble bench

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The Duke of Cambridge has been accused of scratching his name into a marble bench at the Taj Mahal, following his visit yesterday.

After posing for photographs with his wife Catherine in exactly the same position as his mother twenty-five years ago, William took a flick knife from his pocket and began scratching at the surface out of the view of photographers.

As one witness explained, “I saw the gleam of metal in the sun, then Kate stood in front of him to keep him out of sight.

“It only took a minute or two, then he put whatever it was back in his jacket pocket, and off they went. It was only a couple of hours later we noticed the new writing on the bench.”

Palace insiders have defended the practice, explaining it is just one of William’s ‘things’.

A spokesperson told us, “He likes to put his name on things, I think it’s because he thinks he’ll get to own all of this one day.”

“Strangely, most of the time he’s actually adding value by doing it. Though we had to get the Sharpie out of his hand quick-smart when we visited the Louvre.

“Oh, the flick knife? Yes, he carries that everywhere since his first fight at Eton.

“He’s got quite good a twirling it. I wouldn’t mess with him when he’s carrying.”