World stunned by revelation that Germany has a comedian

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Angela Merkel allowing the prosecution of a comedian has alerted the world to Germany claiming to have a comedian.

The British often claim Germans have no sense of humour, and they don’t find that funny at all.

Jan Boehmermann is to be prosecuted for ‘making jokes’ about Turkish premier Tayyip Erdogan, who is so thin-skinned that even a German comedian can get a rise out of him.

This is widely regarded as the first time a German has been recorded as making a ‘joke’, but not the first time Erdogan has shown himself as being able to dish it out but unable to take it.

Comedy in Germany is about as common as backbone in a Turkish politician, so it is perhaps ironic the two have come into conflict.

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Comedians around the world expressed concern that Germany had entered the world of comedy, admitting to fears that they will efficiently mass-produce well-constructed but soulless jokes that will simply outcompete lovingly handcrafted bespoke gags.

Jeremy Corbyn has called upon the government to do more to protect British gag writers from foreign competition, including introducing a 46% humour tariff on imports to make overseas humour less funny.