Political advertising misleading, claim broadband providers

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The way politicians are advertised is misleading, according to a new report from the broadband industry today.

MPs are not in breach of current guidelines, even if only 0% of voters claim the workshy, tax-avoiding bastards do what they said they were going to do, the group said.

Head of Internet at Virgin Media, and leader of the Task Farce, Simon Williams read clumsily from the report, “In the campaigns for general elections, politicians promise all sorts of shit like they’ll abolish student fees, they care lots about the NHS or that they’re not going to royally fuck schools and teaching forever.”

“Those promises are rarely kept, but for some reason they’re allowed to keep making them. No-one holds them to account.

“Stakeholders – erm, I mean voters – must be given the power to hold their MPs to account when they let them down or basically lie about what they were planning to do,” he continued.

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“I mean, yes, technically the electorate could get rid of them, but it seems they’d rather play practical jokes like joining the Labour Party in order to put a comedy character in charge.”

The report has unfortunately been delayed from publication for weeks due to slow broadband speeds.