Liverpool launch commemorative Europa league semi-finalists range

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Following their dramatic last-gasp victory over Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool have announced the launch of a commemorative Europa League semi-finalists range.

The club’s merchandising team confirmed the Merseyside outfit’s board of directors were eager to convert the overblown euphoria of supporters into an equally overblown pot of cash at the earliest possible opportunity.

Club spokesman, Simon Williams, said striking while the iron is hot was a priority.

“Cashing in on the unbridled joy of a set of fans at a quarter-final win in Europe’s second tier competition is what being a club of our legendary status is all about,” he told reporters.

“At the start of the season, I think it’s fair to say Liverpool’s best chance of silverware was to hire a salvage vessel and dredge the bottom of the sea looking for treasure.

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“But that’s not going to sell many t-shirts or teapots.

“So we’re rather happy with the chance to go to market with our Europa League semi-finalist range, which the fans can treasure for years to come.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp vowed that his tenure would deliver many more merchandising opportunities for the club’s fans to look forward to.

He added, “Though to be honest, I’m not that keen on the ‘blown 100 million and finished lower in the league than last year’ range just around the corner.”