Americans would never share sovereignty, claims man unaware of ‘United States’

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Boris Johnson has claimed Americans would never cede their sovereignty, seemingly unaware that the US is made of up 50 states brought together into one economic entity.

With President Obama expected in the UK next week, Johnson is worried he might decide to support the other side in the EU referendum debate, insisting it would ‘hypocritical’ for him to do so.

Johnson told reporters, “Barack Obama would be a massive hypocrite if he suggested we should stay in the EU.

“You would never see American people from all over that country wanting to come together and become united within a larger organisation, in order to have a greater influence on the world stage, would you.

“It’s simply unthinkable that they would then be bound by laws and rules from that central organisation, and be happy being told which laws they can make in their own region.

“It just wouldn’t happen. Never.”

Johnson was then introduced to a map of the United States of America, and a short infographic explaining the concept of the individual states becoming ‘united’, doing precisely the thing he said they would never do.

He concluded, “Well, that’s exactly my point. Is anyone seriously suggesting that Utah wouldn’t be a major player on the world stage if they left the United States?

“Of course not, they’d still be a global force, obviously.”