Mum uses Facebook meme to declare love for children

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Eleanor Gay, a mum from Chelmsford, has emphatically declared her love for her children by sharing a Facebook meme that had the phrase ‘share if you love your kids’ written across it.

“Yeah, it was perfect,” said Ms Gay.

“I post this and then everyone knows that I’ve got this, you know, brilliant relationship with little Courtney and…the other one, but also it means that I don’t have to get into a whole, you know, conversation with them.”

“I feel sorry for those mothers that don’t post it, because clearly they hate their kids. It’s basically child abuse to not post it.

“Ross! That’s the other one. I knew it was a Friends thing.”

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The meme featured the phrase – ‘Kids are messy, kids are fun, share if you love your kids,’ superimposed on a picture of a small boy being messy and ‘fun’.

The meme was well received amongst Ms Gay’s friends.

“El totally loves her kids,” said an anonymous friend.

“I mean, she really must do to have done that post on Facebook because normally it’s just stuff about Justin Bieber and racism.”

It is understood that Ms Gay is considering another posting another meme about seizing the day.

“Oh the seize the day one,” she said.

“Yeah, that’s good and it’s really me, because I’m always seizing the day.

“I mean, last week, I just went off for the day, you know, to be me for a while.

“If it weren’t for these bloody kids, I’d just seize the day every day.”